"My role was their marketing and operations intern. I worked a little bit with their social media, but because they're a small company that's growing really fast, I was doing a lot of operations work. Working with wholesale clients and sending out our shoes and then going over our shipments from all the countries we work with, so that’s Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, and South Africa. Those are a lot of countries to manage and the artisans that work there. Time wise, just making sure our shipments go out early and getting the shoes to clients and having it in stock in the store for people to buy."

And for people who are not familiar with Brother Vellies?

"Aurora’s vision is bringing a modern take to traditional African shoes while still being able to empower artisans in those countries that they work with. She saw a void in the fashion industry. Especially seeing how much talent is in Africa and them not being able to showcase it, she wanted to be able to give them a platform from across the world."

Company culture?

"Super chill but you’re making change."

And you learned?

"How to overcome some of the challenges of working with a third world country. And to stick to your vision even though it may deviate from the status quo."