Marina Beverelli

Marina Beverelli

So before Loewe you were at Christian Louboutin for a bit?

Yeah. I was a PR intern there.


Oh, Amazing.

Yeah, it was really great. I liked how the PR team was set up there one girl worked with VIP’s, one girl was dedicated to France, one worked for the rest of Europe, and another one worked for men. Each of them had their own intern, so it was a pretty big PR team.

When I saw that they were looking for an intern, I thought “Ok. I have to apply.” And then they called me 20 minutes later, so it just worked out really well. At that point I had already graduated from university, so I wasn’t thrilled about being an intern again, but I had very little experience in PR.

I feel like sometimes you have to put your ego aside and do what’s best for your career. It was worth it; everything went well, the girls were amazing, Christian is amazing. His office was right next to us so it was a really special experience.


Did you learn anything in particular?

Organization. It was key when I was there because we were constantly receiving requests. So you have to be efficient too and work well with everyone.