What was your role?

Tasks include: emailing showrooms, assisting on set of photo shoots and assisting with clothing pick-ups and deliveries as well as other various tasks. 
Assisted on set for ID magazine, SSAW, Harper’s Bazaar UK and Purple Magazine. 


How did you land the internship?

I had been following Delphine’s career for quite a while and saw a posting online that she was looking for an assistant. On a whim, I thought I’d apply despite still being in high school. I met with her for coffee and she gave me a trial week and I ended up interning with her for 6 months. She still calls me to assist her with jobs and acts as a mentor for me.


What did you learn from it?

Working with Delphine changed my life and was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Being relatively young and green ended up being an advantage as I was able to really absorb everything and learn from someone who has had so much success in fashion. Also, fashion really is all about who you know and working on set allowed me to meet photographers, models, makeup artists, etc. In the internships I’ve had since working with Delphine, I constantly refer to things she once told me and tricks I’ve learned from her.


Can you explain the process from requesting clothes to the on set execution?

Delphine would go to showroom appointments or email fashion PR companies to pull clothes for upcoming shoots. The clothes would then be gathered for the shoot and I would be in charge of picking up the clothes at the PR companies prior to the shoot. This isn’t a glamorous job, as it involves long days of traveling around the city picking up garment bags. In the end, seeing all the clothes that were chosen for the shoot is exciting and satisfying.

What was your favorite time on set?

My favorite time on set was a video segment with Camille Rowe for I-d. Seeing the behind the scenes for a fashion video was really exciting and the I-d team was incredible.