Then you went on to DVF. How did you land that internship?

Through FIT, they have a database of internship opportunities. I found DVF. I heard about her once or twice from living in Ohio, but then doing more research, I realized that I wanted to work for that company. So then I reached out to one of their HR representatives and got an interview and I got the internship.

Why were you interested in that company?

I think just what the company stands for and portraying strong women. The bold colors and Diane herself and her history of creating the wrap dress and creating a staple.

What did you learn from that experience?

I learned about how much hard work goes into the fashion industry. I think that being my first internship, I had a kind of idealistic view of fashion and seeing it as so glamorous. But then actually, especially PR there's so much work that goes into communicating your brand to the public and being such a popular brand as DVF. I was doing a lot of grunt work but it taught me dedication.

What was your role?

At DVF I was helping the PR rep pull clothing for different photo-shoots or editorial stories that would be in different magazines. I also sifted through magazines that we were mentioned in and tagging that as well. Diane did her first Google Hangout event while I was there. I met Diane personally and she remembered me. So it was amazing.

Then I helped with a pop-up shop in their store downstairs (the corporate office is above), so I was working that event as well and I met a lot of industry professionals, which was really cool.