What are the challenges of having so many projects going on at once?

It varies depending on season. Everybody shoots manically in June and July, and then August tends to be quiet. I’ve had my share of breakdowns in the past, but it’s very rare. It’s hardest when I’m working with so many great stylists at once and juggling my own personal work and trying to prioritize their needs and expectations along with mine. But that’s where my production background comes in to help; I learned how to try and fight fires before they happen.



It’s really nice to do what you want after assisting for so long. I feel really lucky because there are quite a lot of people who want to work with me.  Also being freelance, you bounce around a lot more, so I'm meeting a lot of photographers, or potential collaborators. I have some commercial work as well coming up from nowhere which is cool.


Yeah your website is really well done. I'm sure it has brought a lot of people to you.

Yes. Recently I’ve been contacted to do personal shopping for a private client coming to Paris, she wanted a stylist to help her to choose some clothes. So we went shopping together one afternoon.


Oh my god. You get paid to shop.

Have there been any challenges from branching out from an assistant position to doing your own work?

Yeah, it’s really different. When you’re assisting, you don’t have much if any free time to work on your own projects. But it’s really important to assist, especially someone you admire because that’s how you learn how everything is done. Then when you’re ready, you can branch out, and it’s a lot less stressful that way because you have an understanding of the process.


So Marie-Amelie kind of trained you, almost like being in school?

Of course.


So what’s your process after you book a shoot?

It’s different every time because it depends who contacts you first- the magazine, the photographer, or a brand. If I have to build a concept or if the photographer already has one or if it’s a collaboration with an art director.
Usually, I like to meet who I’m working with before the day of the shoot to talk about the mood, the casting, the location, to give some references..