Marina Beverelli

Marina Beverelli

How is the PR team at Loewe structured?

My boss is the PR manager, and then there’s me, and I have an assistant, so it’s just the 3 of us since we only handle the French market.

The headquarters are in Madrid, and they handle Spain, Germany, digital, and international. Then AIPR handles us for London, Karla Otto in Milan, then in NY it’s PRC. We also have an office in Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong, so we’re in-house for most of our Asian markets.


What’s your day to day?

I handle most requests, which means a stylist or their assistant will request looks and say the location, magazine, and photographer that their shooting with and then I see if we can make it work. The challenge is that all of the markets only share one collection, so we have to coordinate with that. I also tell the press about Loewe’s news to manage how the brand is shown in the media.


How’s the company culture?

It's honestly the best company that I've worked for. The house has a very strong heritage and a lot of creativity to show. It's both huge and very small. We really work like a family.


Is Jonathan based in the Paris office?

His office for Loewe is based in Paris with the studio team. He always travels between Paris, Madrid and London.

He works so hard, has tons of ideas at the same time. I think as a team, we have the right balance between experienced craftsmen and the energy of young designers. It's easy to get along with each other, and everyone is so funny.

I also think we have such a strong team because everyone gets along so well so the communication is really great. We’re not a company where everyone's working for his little thing and only thinking of his tasks. You have to be open-minded and see more than your desk, and your phone, and your emails.


Well said.

Yeah, and the team in Madrid is amazing too.


Oh, have you gone there?

I went there for the first time back in November for the 170th anniversary of the brand and the re-opening of Casa Loewe. We had the “Present, Past, Future” exhibition, which is also the name of the book we launched that same day, and a still life flowers archive from Steven Meisel, who shoots our campaigns. It was very powerful.