Now you're also at Louis Vuitton?

Yes. The public relations seasonal is another title for the public relations intern, but they consider it more of a freelancing position in the company rather than the title intern.


Is it paid?



Look at you.

Essentially, I was just expanding on that love of PR that I have. I am in charge of sample trafficking again, showroom management. They're really particular about organization and bar codes and keeping everything in order. Everything is very meticulous.

What's really cool is that my supervisors recently let me start emailing with editors, I've been able to step in and get a feel for what it's like to take responsibility for an editor's request. Recently, we had stuff for Mother's Day like, "We're looking for gifting items for Mother's Day shopping feature in our whatever issue." What that entails is going through your showroom, looking for samples that match, making sure they're not already reserved to go out, taking photos, sending them in, and then, from there, they'll make a request.


What's fashion GPS?

Fashion GPS is a software that we use in fashion PR and basically it organizes your life. It organizes every sample. It keeps track of everything that you send out, to which editor. It's a library and you create notes on, which basically puts items out on loan to this person, whoever at whichever magazine. You can track when stuff goes out, when to expect it back in. When you do get it back in, you return it into the system and then it'll say, "Okay, it's here." Gives you peace of mind and organizes your sanity if you're in a fashion PR spot. I know editorials choose to do it manually rather than the program.


What was the interview process like for Louis Vuitton?

First time I came in for an interview. I talked with two different supervisors that I have now. One on the international PR team, one on the womenswear PR team. They told me a little bit about what it's like to work there, what their system is, what the work entails. I got a feel for it. Afterwards, they brought me in for a second interview to meet with the senior celebrity PR manager.


That's must have been super competitive because you're paid.

It's always nerve-wracking when you see someone come out who was before you and someone waiting after you.


Then a brief overview of the Louis Vuitton company culture?

It's very fast-paced, very intense at times, but they're meticulous. It's a lot of fun to see the big features that we get in magazines. There's a lot of pressure at times but I do admire and really respect their standards for organization and what the showroom looks like. There's a lot of pride in keeping the showroom beautiful and keeping all of the samples intact.


Are there any key points that you've specifically learned at this internship?

Organization. One small sample that goes missing or something happens to it, that's a lot of money on the line and there's a lot of responsibility that goes with that. Just being able to work under pressure, work with a team, and collaborate with them, and to be able to balance mixed personalities, and also just to stay organized and to continually do that and not lose track.




What was your role at Louis Vuitton?

I was an advertising seasonal (a paid freelancer for a semester). There I was doing a lot of planning for their advertisement campaigns. So initially when I thought advertising, I thought it would be more on the creative side, but obviously they're based in Paris, so they do a lot of their creative over there. When I was in their office in New York, I was doing a lot of Excel spreadsheets and rate planning. So seeing if they're on target for their budget for the year, concerning where they're placing their ads, which was cool because we were the first people in the US to see the campaign.


And then, what did you learn from that experience?

I am now a pro at Excel.

Also I learned to be outgoing; I'm naturally an introvert. Working in that environment you have to talk to everyone, especially the higher ups. That taught me to break out of my comfort zone. Also just learning the ins and outs of the luxury fashion industry. At DVF, it's a high end brand, but I wouldn't say that it's luxury. Working at Louis Vuitton, I learned about the different fabrics that they use, the clients that they work with, the photographers.


How would you describe the company culture?

At Louis Vuitton I realized that I didn’t have an interest for luxury fashion because it’s created for a very small group of people and that reflects in the company culture. After interning there, I kind of lost love for the fashion industry, just because that was the only experience that I had, DVF and Louis Vuitton. They wanted me to stay on but the environment wasn’t right for me.