How did you know you were ready to branch out on your own?

I don’t think you ever stop learning so I could have kept going but I started to feel more confident in my own work, and that I had a solid base to start from. Georgina has always been incredibly supportive which gave me that extra push to take off the training wheels so to speak.


How do you work with the team of stylists, photographers, hair stylists, etc. to bring a story to life?

It’s a very collaborative process; sometimes the concept comes from the photographer or the stylist or a theme from a magazine or if it’s beauty then the concept usually comes from myself or the hair stylist. Everyone adds an element to bring it together using various references.


How long does the process normally take?

It’s so different on every shoot, occasionally you get a lot of prep time and everyone might be able to meet before, but sometimes it’s just a lot of email back and forth. Then sometimes you just turn up and go for it!

On the other hand if it’s a beauty concept coming from me it can take a couple of weeks to get into place, maybe even a couple of months if you are waiting on a specific girl or location to shoot.


What is your process from concept to shoot to final image?

I do a lot of moodboards when I’m putting together a concept, and it often changes through little tweaks once you’ve decided on a model as it, of course, has to work with their face.

So it may be based on an initial reference image or concept, and then I spend time finding more references in books, Google searches or even Instagram.

There is so much information available now it can be difficult to sift through but most of the time I know what I’m after and so I search based on keywords, photographers or models. On set you have a rough idea of how many shots you want based on looks (clothes or beauty), and so you work to that. Sometimes things change though and you have to be flexible as something you have in your head won’t always work on camera so you may need to change it up or have the confidence to take it off entirely. After the shoot, it’s a case of editing and selecting final images with the photographer.


Do you have a specific moment that you look back on and think, "Wow, I've made it." or "I can't believe I did that, I've come so far"?

There isn’t so much a specific moment as such, this job in general just throws you around, so you don’t always have that time to reflect! From all night video shoots in London to road trips through Lithuania & Andalucia every experience is always exciting.