How did you land the Fashion Market internship at Marie Claire?

Through a girl at my school, she interned there.


 And what did you learn?

I got to learn pretty much everything that goes into being a market editor. I was the personal intern to the associate market editor at the time. She really took me under her wing, and taught me everything I know about this industry from, from how to put in a proper request to the difference between front of book and back of book. She was always willing to sit down with me and explain everything, which really made a difference. This all made me realize that you need to ask questions. I know that as an intern, anytime I would ask her  a question I would be a little bit timid about it I'd go up and be like "I'm so sorry to bother you and interrupt you..." and she said "Don't apologize." This experience really helped me fall in love with this industry, I owe so much to her and my experience there.


And the company culture?

Corporate but people still wear jeans and sneakers.