How did you land the internship with Patti?

It was actually on They have a careers page and that's where I found her email. I was like "Oh, okay it's probably not going to happen but why not try.” This was last February [2015]. I sent her an email. It was so embarrassing. It was literally like a good five paragraphs long, not sentences, paragraphs. It was one chunk, like a letter. I literally sent my whole life story, my background, what I'm into, my favorite authors, my inspiration, etc.



Yeah… so I learned. They don't have time. They want to see someone who literally delivers exactly what they want to do, why they want the job in 3 sentences. Split up too, always be airy. Don't group it into one letter but attach a cover letter.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Double space, double space. Not too lovey-dovey because that's creepy. You have to be professional, but friendly, so like "Hi, Patti," and then end it with "Best." Not “Talk Soon!”, etc. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Then follow up a week to 2 weeks later.

That’s when I got the interview with John, her other assistant, he’s the sweetest.



What are some of the PR responsibilities going into making a fashion show happen?

Sending out invites, creating a guest list, then creating a seating plan, managing RSVPs, etc. Then also press book so when looks go down a runway, you basically have a handout that's left on every seat that everybody in the show is able to access that list, okay, Look 1, and they have a description of the look. This is really good for buyers. It's really good for people who are looking to wear something to a red-carpet event, just to say, "Hey, I really liked Look 7, this item. I want to get this in my store," or "I want to wear that on the red carpet."

If you're going to have Jessica Chastain come to your show for the celebrity team, for example, you have to be organized and make sure somebody is there to greet her at the back door, somebody's there to lead her over to her seat, and then escort her out after. For my first show, we had Kanye come and he came through the back door and it was just hilarious. He had a little photo shoot with Ralph and was talking to people but the celebrity team has to manage that.

It's basically making it happen so looking over, "Okay, are the press packs distributed?" After the show leaves, we have 50 minutes till the next show.

We had different shows specifically. One was specifically for buyers. One was specifically for international crowds ...
... and one was specifically for the family, any celebrities, and then just American buyers.


What's fashion GPS?

Fashion GPS is a software that we use in fashion PR and basically it organizes your life. It organizes every sample. It keeps track of everything that you send out, to which editor. It's a library and you create notes on, which basically puts items out on loan to this person, whoever at whichever magazine. You can track when stuff goes out, when to expect it back in. When you do get it back in, you return it into the system and then it'll say, "Okay, it's here." Gives you peace of mind and organizes your sanity if you're in a fashion PR spot. I know editorials choose to do it manually rather than the program.



Can you explain the process from requesting clothes to the on set execution?

Delphine would go to showroom appointments or email fashion PR companies to pull clothes for upcoming shoots. The clothes would then be gathered for the shoot and I would be in charge of picking up the clothes at the PR companies prior to the shoot. This isn’t a glamorous job, as it involves long days of traveling around the city picking up garment bags. In the end, seeing all the clothes that were chosen for the shoot is exciting and satisfying.