What was your role at Nylon?

I was the fashion intern so I was working in the fashion closet, sample trafficking, assisting fashion editors with various tasks, and working on set of photo shoots.


What did you learn from it?

I learned how a magazine runs and how closely each department works together to get the finished product. I was able to see how the issues progressed from start to finish. My responsibilities as an intern were very similar to those I had while interning for Delphine so I was able to transition easily.


What was the company culture?

Everyone at Nylon is a family. The staff is quite small so I got to know not only the fashion team but other departments too. There are bagel / pizza Fridays and dogs running around the office - the fun brand image  that Nylon has as a magazine is reflected clearly throughout the entire office and everyone who works there.




Then you switched over to the editorial side?

Yes. As the intern there my responsibilities include helping editorial team with various tasks, fact checking editorial content, and writing for the magazine as well as online platform).


What did you learn from it?

It was my first time in an editorial role at a magazine so I wasn’t sure of what to expect. I learned how important fact checking is, how important time efficiency is and how much work goes into a single paragraph of written content.


What was the writing process like from pitch to publishing?

It’s a difficult process and it’s really important to not be sensitive when it comes to pitching ideas. A lot of ideas aren’t approved because other competitors have covered the story or it isn’t exactly true to the brand. I found though that often pitches that aren’t approved can inspire other ideas for other articles and content, so it’s still valuable.