And now you’re about to be the editorial assistant at Outdoor Voices.

The role is primarily supporting OV’s editorial director and working on the content for OV’s editorial platform, The Recreationalist, along with e-mails, social, and campaigns.


How was the interview process?

I had been trying to decide through the fall whether I had wanted to do something more writing-oriented or more visually creative. I was feeling like if I chose one over the other, I could freelance for whichever I wasn’t pursuing in my day job. I was deciding which field was better to have a lot of structure and mentorship in and which was going to be better to do on my own.

I decided I'd rather be trained by professionals creatively and I felt like I could write on my own. I enjoy pitching stories and making them happen on my own time. Evaluating where your ideation is the most refined is a good way to figure out what kind of work you should do freelance. I saw an opening for an editorial assistant at Outdoor Voices online and I applied for the job. We had a phone interview first, and then subsequently a series of meetings.


What's exciting to you about where they're going?

I think they're tapping into something that's similar to Glossier. It’s this market where so few people saw that there was a hole, but there is this growing community of people who feel like OV is filling that hole for them. They’re active, but don't want to be judged by their performance. The part that is the most fun for me is OV’s visual identity. If someone doesn’t know what the products are, I describe them as workout clothes that look like they were inspired by Ellsworth Kelly paintings.


I know you haven’t started yet but can you touch on the company culture?

It’s a really friendly atmosphere.