Why do you think film is becoming more and more popular among younger photographers?

I think that they’re experimenting. Film can never be replaced by digital photography, and they probably like the feeling of the film. Film is much better for documentary photography and creating emotion. When I’m shooting, I don’t use digital unless a client really wants me to because they need to have the images right. 90% of my work is film, even editorials. Some commercial jobs too actually.


Are there any challenges for shooting on film rather than with a digital camera?

Not really, it’s just a different way of working. First of all, nobody on set can see what I'm shooting, so there isn’t any sort of live selection. I definitely have to be more focused on every image that I shoot because I only have a certain number of frames. With digital, you can shoot as much as you want, and then you can look at the images right away and change your mind, but that can actually make it really hard on set. With film, you don't know what you get, though, so there is always this thought of, "I hope there are pictures on it when I come home." Like, imagine there is nothing. You come home from the shoot then, nothing. Luckily that hasn’t happened yet.


With the rise of social media and sites like Instagram, so many people call themselves “photographers,” do you feel the need to put forth extra effort to keep up the status of professional and fine art photography?

Yes, there are many people shooting in similar ways and copying each other, it’s happening a lot more than before. People can do whatever they like now. If they want to photograph in that way, okay, but I think if you are a true professional you progress in the business. What is good is going to stay and what isn’t disappears after sometime; you can’t just copy forever.


How does the fashion world influence your photography?

When I started doing photography, I didn't think about fashion. It wasn’t really my first goal. I got involved with fashion after I started to do work for Dazed, they wanted some of my personal work to mix with fashion, so that’s how I got involved with it. Even when I’m shooting fashion I still don’t really think about it; it’s just part of the finished product.

Also, I like to be a bit distanced from the “big city” because I believe that every environment influences your work and your style. The things that you feel and what you see everyday are reflected in your work, subconsciously or otherwise. I like being away from fashion sometimes as it doesn't really exist in Croatia, at least the fashion here is nothing like the fashion from London or Paris. It’s so different here. I like the combination of going between a small town and a big city, and I love to live in Croatia because that’s where I’m from, my family is here, and we have great weather. The quality of life is great, it’s a nice contrast from the city, but I like going back and forth between both environments.


Do you think there’s a strong community of young photographers in London or Paris?

No, not really.


Do you see your work in nature helping your fashion work, and vice-versa?

I'm always shooting stuff that inspires me. I don't think about the “next level” or anything. I shoot things that intrigue me. I like the combination of nature and fashion in my work because it can create something really lovely. I don’t really combine the two or use one to help the other with a lot of initial intention; for me, the process is just about going as I feel, I don't plan anything out much.