Then Teen Vogue, congratulations. Do you want to talk a little bit about how that happened?

I sent them a cold pitch. I knew that RISD has the fashion show every year and the work is always stellar.


I saw your photos; they were really good.

I thought this was a good process for the apparel seniors to see too, to get a sense of how editorial coverage stands in relation to their work.


Why is that important for them to see that?

A few things were lost in translation with the story and I think it's useful for young designers to see how many hands these things go through. It's important to have a sense of how content filters through an editorial masthead, so that they know how they can best protect their work and make sure that it’s always credited correctly.

A great part of that was, I watched Tom, who shoots for Into The Gloss, all summer. Everything good that came out of that Teen Vogue story was stuff that I had absorbed from Tom. It was fun to feel like I couldn't have done it without that training from last summer, particularly when it came to photographing models with an editorial endpoint in mind after I was so used to photographing my friends in more spontaneous situations.