What role did you take at Indego Africa?

Sales and communications was first.

I was working a lot with their social media and their newsletters. They're such a small company, I think there was only six of us. I was working a lot with their finances as well and then creative work, then also social media. So it was a very general role.

Then I became the production assistant and they asked me to go to Rwanda, Africa.


And that was with the Be Happy Trip?

Yeah. They asked me to work in production, and I'm like, I've never done that before but okay. Let me try this in a different country across the world.


How long were you there for?

For a month and a half.


Oh shit, I didn’t get that part. I thought, oh that's sweet, she was there for five days.

I went by myself and I was working with their team there. It was a great learning experience. That was my first time traveling abroad by myself. It was a culture shock.


You grew a lot.

Yeah, I grew a lot. I worked with the artisans one-on-one. I would go to cooperatives throughout the weeks and do quality control. I helped on a photo-shoot that we did in Rwanda for the kid’s line. It was a lot of hands on work.


Do you have any specific stories from that trip that brought home what you were doing?

It was when I was about to leave and we visited one of the artisans.

Her name was Theresa. We went to her house because she was working on some scarves for us. That was the first time that I went to one of their houses. She invited us in. It was a small house. She has three kids and one bedroom, but it was really nicely set up. Then she took us out to the back and she showed us the cow that she just bought and she was so proud of that because she used the money from Indego Africa that she earned to buy this cow and then she's selling milk on the side for extra income and sending her kids to school. It was just a really nice moment to experience and it brought everything home for me.