So what’s your role there?

I produce our ecomm, content, and editorial shoots. We just launched our collab with Issey Miyake that was shot in Mexico. Which came out cute! I work really closely with our Photo Director, VP, Art, and Ecomm Director. Which is really cool because I have learned so much from them!!


Can you go into more detail on that?

At Opening Ceremony obviously we have our own brand but then we also carry so many other cool/interesting brands that have to be shot for our e-comm site. We are shooting everyday of the week. To flats, on-figure, and content.

That means that day to day I’m booking photographers, stylist, hair and makeup, models, and assistants. Making sure all samples that need to be shot that day are in the studio. I'll be in the back reviewing images with our photo director or photographer. Even though I’m a producer I like to think I am sometimes a photo editor, stylist, photographer not technically but our team is a team of 4. We all do a lot of things and help out where we can. Recently I have been shooting all of our casting photos. Ill sometimes model and hand model for us too! My fingers are really long, haha.


How do you make sure that the content that’s produced in OC is in line with the vision?

Our studio team works closely with Humberto, Art Director, and buyers. Before shooting, we sit down to brainstorm and talk about what we want to do and make sure Humberto has the sign off. I think it is amazing that he is super involved with everything that we produce and that we can reach out to him for answers. We do a lot of collaborations with brands that have their own aesthetic for example Coach, however when you see the editorial images there is an OC spin.