For animations, how do you and your brother Joe work with the client to give them what they want but to also stay true to your own vision?

Depends on the client. Sometimes the brief is super open like “Here’s what we are doing this season, go for it” but sometimes there is lot’s of back and forth with various drafts of treatments (storyboards). Me and my bro knock heads and come up with the ideas, and he understands how it could work technically. Then I work more as the art director, mainly making the sets, but Joe often helps crafting these too. He sets up the cameras and lights, and we sit and animate them together. It’s really time-consuming and tedious so we often end up getting on each other's nerves, getting delirious, having a laugh and staying up all night.


Were you ever at cross roads of doing animation or fashion design?

Yes. Sometimes it seems like a good alternative when fashion feels really stressful.

Has the animation partnership helped the Sadie Williams brand and vice versa? 

Yeah for sure. It’s a way to express my creativity using another outlet besides fashion design. I think the first time I recognized that it directly helped my brand was when I was approached by Mandi Lennard to design a collection for Barbie and she specifically asked if we could make an animation to accompany it too. Which is actually one of my favorites!