Photographed by Michèle Côté

Photographed by Michèle Côté




TAKE TIME - whether that means taking a 10 minute break to yourself in the toilets
to listen to a 5 minute meditation, or going on a short walk during your lunch break.
Being surrounded by multiple energies daily, can be a lot for your body and mind to
adjust to, removing yourself to regroup can be beneficial to your working day.

STAY HYDRATED - always carry a reusable bottle with you, both on set and whilst
away shooting on location. Water will help stimulate your brain, keeping you
creative, hard working, and ready to face your next task.

EAT WELL - look after your body. You will perform to your highest standard if your
energy levels are up and your sugar levels balanced. If you have specific dietary
requirements that may not always be catered for, try bringing along a reusable
container full of snacks to suit your situation. That way if you feel a dip in your
mood, you know that you can lift yourself back up.

GROUNDING GOOD - bring along a few things with you on set, for example:
book/headphones/laptop/notepad. You can allow yourself the time to listen to a Ted
Talk, or read on your breaks. Completing a mindful task for anything from 5 minutes
to 20 will improve your well being for the day.

BE VOCAL - if something isn’t going right, whether it may be witnessing the
mistreatment of somebody, to creating a piece of work that you don’t believe in,
speak up. Be confident in your beliefs, and stay strong. The use of language is
powerful and when used in the right time, you can start to change the industry from
the inside out, whilst always staying true to yourself.