How was your time at Wes Gordon?

Wes Gordon was a really great environment for me to learn about the business side and logistics of fashion as a designer. They taught me how to organize my ideas into a collection and how to present them to stylists, editors, or buyers that come in. It was important for me to see the way Wes Gordon would explain his ideas and then develop them into concepts.


Okay, what did your role consist of there?

I was a design intern. I worked with the design team and brought together fabrics for the season and sat in on fabric meetings, which was really cool for me. Making flats to send to Italy for our clothes to get made and just helping them organize on the design side of things.


How would you describe the company culture at Wes Gordon?

It is a really small team, which I love; it is very much a family there. I think that is what I enjoyed the most, being able to know everybody in the company and being able to work with Wes in the office. So many designers are really absent from the brand and Wes is really involved, which was so great for me to see him everyday and to see the production team working and all of the sales going on, which you do not get at every brand.


Seeing Wes work, what stuck out to you?

I think Wes has really great relationships with the people that he works with, whether it is people on our design team or clients who come in for custom looks or fittings, working with our fit models. He is so personable and so great to be around, he really makes the Wes Gordon experience exciting for everyone who is there.