Yeah, you know what? I really, really love my job. My mom once said to me when I was having a downer moment, “Ash, but what else will you do if you walked away from this?” and I said, “There's nothing else I would want to do,” I don’t want to do anything else. I think maybe that’s what gives me the drive to just keep pushing forward; it’s that there's actually no backup plan. This is it.

What would make me really happy is to just continue what I’m doing now. Being able to survive off it both creatively and personally and feel fulfilled by that work. I really respect the people that can do that; I think that’s incredible. If I managed to do that with my work while on the way then fuck, that’s awesome! I want to keep doing what I’m doing and move forward and be able to buy a glass of wine at the end of the day, cause you sure as shit will sometimes need it.



So what do you want to do with art direction?

So I met Vincent when I was at Mario Testino. We would spend so much time together, and we got along really well. We realized that we both wanted to be art directors and work on campaigns, work on editorials for magazines and stuff.

Also, we both have a similar aesthetic, and we're inspired by the same things. We're both really into, outside of fashion, architecture, and the arts. Hopefully one day we’ll have our own studio in Berlin.


What's the role of an art director in your opinion?

They work with clients to come up with concepts, research ideas, put together teams, work with layouts and branding, etc. Ultimately I think it’s coming up with a way that a brand can present themselves to their market, and then physically doing that, and making it a real, visual thing.


Is art direction something you would like to be doing long-term?

Yeah. That's my ultimate goal.

I want to figure out a way to create things that are totally new and unexpected, which is a huge challenge because so much has already been done before. I want to somehow create the feeling that I get from looking at great 90s fashion photography and campaigns, but without copying it. Bringing it into the future somehow, I'm not sure how yet, though. We'll figure it out though.